Welcome to Hammer Print Management

We are passionate about labels and packaging and offer bespoke print solutions and consultancy to help you meet your business objectives.
With over 30 years of experience in the field of print, artwork and graphic design we offer invaluable expertise and insight.

At Hammer Print Management we value personal service and assistance above all and are committed to always providing our customers with the best solutions to the highest quality possible.

About the Company

At HPM we offer a range of different services from label solutions and sourcing to consultancy.
Our aim is to get a full understanding of your business needs and find the optimal answer both in terms of price and quality.

We have a longstanding experience of over 30 years in the industry - ranging from design and repro to Key Account Management of high-end print solutions for the Scandinavian market.

This breadth of experience means that we have a full understanding of the complexities in a design and production process and it allows us to give guidance and recommendation at any stage.
We will also advice on the best way of realising a design - whether label or packaging.

Our Services

Label Sourcing

We specialise in sourcing pressure sensitive labels, which offer great flexibility for front and back as well as in single label applications.
With our large network and connections within the industry we are able to negotiate a first rate service to good prices.

We can also offer advise on everything from material selection to print (colour, finishes etc.) and will help you build your identity and differentiation through the best possible design realisation.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote or to discuss any questions you might have.

Print Consultancy

As an extension of the label sourcing, we also offer a full range of print consultancy services - from the design phase to print production.
In the design phase we can liaise directly with the creative team to make sure the design realisation is feasible and discuss materials, finishes etc.

During the implementation phase we offer print run consultation where we attend the print run, often with the designer, and work directly with the printer to tweak and adjust as needed and ensure the best possible result.

At this stage, our technical knowledge and experience is key to ensure the design integrity and maximise the brand differentiation through print technology. The aim of our involvement is also to create well-managed expectations and time and cost savings.

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